Beef Jerky

It’s not a secret. We’ve got the best beef jerky in town and have for almost 40 years.  Stop by our shop or find us at one of our Food Trucks or Snack Shacks to get your fix.

Classic Beef Jerky – $10.00 per bag

Cut straight off the roast and cured into thick slices of jerky. This is a jerky lover’s choice. Pure, unadulterated meat.

Available all the time in Classic salt & pepper flavour and in limited quantities in Teriyaki.

Can’t get enough? Our Classic Beef Jerky is available to purchase as well. Call our Shop to inquire about pricing or to place your order.

Ground Strip Jerky – $2.00 each

(2 strips per package)
Boryski’s Beef is ground and cured in strips. Great for kids and big kids alike. Available in Classic salt & pepper flavour.

Beef Jerky Stir Sticks

Want the ultimate Caesar garnish? Try our Beef Jerky Stir Sticks. Impress your friends with your bartending skills and let Boryski’s help you bring your A-Game and top off your creation. Just add vodka.

Looking for Something Unique?
Boryski’s also sells Landjager (a type of German or Austrian sausage jerky) and dried chorizo. Quantities are limited, so be sure to call our Shop to check if your favourite is in stock.

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